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ManualsOnline.com is OwnerIQ’s owned and operated publisher website, and the largest repository of product support documents on the internet. ManualsOnline is stocked with over 650,000 owner manuals from hundreds of top brands, and pairs self-help and product information with a growing community of engaged product owners.

OwnerIQ is pioneering the concept of Path to Purchase Media by transforming consumers’ interactions with products and brands along the path to purchase into powerful new online advertising solutions and marketing channels.

Our Path to Purchase Targeting solution is the most effective approach to scaling advertisers’ programmatic buys beyond re-targeting and is a proven method for driving new online customers. In addition, our Retailer Targeted Marketing and Vendor Targeted Marketing products are the next generation of retailer monetization, digital shopper marketing and co-operative advertising.

Our business model is powered by our unique data and technology. We have over 300 direct data partners that connect us to 200 million online consumers who are actively researching, purchasing, repairing or replacing a product. This unique data is directly sourced from some of the largest retailers on the web today and tier-1 manufacturer and e-commerce sites.

Our unique data management platform, CoEx, enables us to transform our partners’ data into targeted audience opportunities which are executed through our in-house demand side platform, OPTMS, which sees over 6 billion pre-filtered advertising opportunities daily.

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